DCG Software Value Offers You Quantifiable Insights Into Your Team's Development Practices.

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Function Point Analysis

The ability to accurately size software is a critical aspect of managing and controlling successful project delivery. Quantitative functional software sizing is the use of multiple functional decomposition techniques (Function Point Analysis, FP Lite, Quick and Early Function Points (QEFP), COSMIC, and SNAP) to develop an objective and quantifiable measure of business and functional requirements, non-functional technical requirements, and software source code.

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Software Value Management

Our mission is to make software value visible. DCG's Software Value services enable organizations to make measure and optimize the business value of their software through more meaningful metrics and more focused software development.

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Software Estimation

Inaccurate software project estimates are the cause of a lot of waste and increased project risk. Our Software Estimation services are available to quickly and easily improve your existing estimation practices or to implement a new estimation practice within your organization.

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