Elevating the Role of the CIO

26 March 2016
Mark Richtermeyer

The CIO role is not a tech job, it is a BUSINESS job.

If you are a CIO, it's time to think like a CEO. If you are the CEO, make sure your CIO is considering the following important factors when making technology decisions!
Does the technology:

  1. Create barriers to entry to your business?
  2. Lock in customers or give them a better experience with your organization?
  3. Help predict buying or cost shifts?
  4. Streamline or automate expensive business processes by reducing costs or speeding up delivery of services?
  5. Make the business more “green” (also known as conserving resources)?
  6. Identify new products and market trends?
  7. Help track or predict competitors moves?
  8. Identify targets for initiatives?
  9. Disrupt the market by collapsing a layer in distribution or systemically change the market?
  10. Increase collaboration or break down silos within the organization? 

Notice not one of these factors mentioned a platform, a framework, an architecture, a technology or application or new device. Business FIRST. Technology SECOND. And the smart CIO knows to lead with business.

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