Salesforce in a New Light

19 January 2016
Mark Richtermeyer

A few weeks back, we asked the question: is it worthwhile to fully buy in to the platform? And we received a great deal of feedback. I think the most interesting insight that Spitfire has had of late is that Salesforce is providing a competitive cloud platform to Azure and Amazon. We can make a pretty good financial case that developing certain cloud products with the platform makes sense. Of course, there are risks, but there are risks associated with any cloud tool vendor.

The other insight we have had is that most firms developing on the platform came from the CRM configuration world rather than the structured development world. We see firms make some pretty amateurish mistakes because of that. Spitfire is dedicated to doing technology right, and that means even though we are using a cloud platform to manage some pretty major functionality in a multi-tenant application, we still need to deliver in such a way that provides for consistent and accurate deliverables within a set budget. Yes, you can do Scrum-agile in a Salesforce project. Don’t let your development partner tell you that’s not possible!

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