The Cost of Doing It Right

09 December 2015
Mark Richtermeyer

My Grandmother told me “you will never regret buying the best." I grew up valuing high quality and having things “done right." We built Spitfire based on that principle and I believe it today. So why is it sometimes hard to convince businesses the value of doing it right? We recently were engaged to “fix” an enterprise application that our client could not get to run in a production environment. They wanted an expert to give them the silver bullet as to why it wouldn’t run on their servers. We explained there is no silver bullet, but if you set up proper processes, choose a proven architecture, engage QA procedures, and do the development with a proven process, they would find both the problem and get the software to work for the business. Their response? “That’s too expensive." However, their current solution was to frenetically chase bugs for months, often creating more problems with their “fixes." If you ask me, that was expensive. And stressful.

Once on the project, we enacted a methodical process where we were able to isolate the architectural and structural issues, do a methodical test to find problems, and prioritize issues. We worked on the most important issues and problems to get a workable solution into production. This wasn’t a cheap option, but it worked, and it provided a reliable and predictable approach that most certainly isn’t any more expensive than the duct tape approach. It pays to do it right the first time. Do you have experiences where cutting corners ended up not being the best decision? Love to hear them!

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