The Thin Line Between Marketing and IT

26 October 2015
Mark Richtermeyer

Over the past few years I’ve seen a shift of budgetary power from technology to marketing in many of the organizations the Spitfire Group works with. More and more businesses know that sophisticated marketing efforts will generate top line revenue so CMOs have the purchasing authority to make decisions on powerful technology tools that don’t just manage content for marketing, but manage the workflows, processes, engagement and relationships across the entire organization.
This means it is even more important for marketing people to understand the value of a strong architecture in terms of maintainability and adaptability over time. If IT has to support the systems, they will most certainly be involved in the acquisition, configuration and development of the new systems. This also puts pressure on the CIO and technology teams to have a better understanding of marketing, product and branding goals. Once again, collaboration and shared goals become more important than the technology itself.

What do you see in your organization? Is the evolution of marketing technologies affecting how budgets are decided within your teams?

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