Who is The Spitfire Group?

Headquartered in Denver, Colorado, The Spitfire Group was founded in 2004 with the mission to create an experienced and effective technology consulting firm that focuses on mission-critical technology projects.

The Spitfire Group is:

  • COMMITTED: we persevere in the face of challenge. We thrive on accomplishing the difficult. The more complex the problem, the better.
  • HARDCORE: we are a devoted group of technology consultants with a minimum 10 years of experience. We dive in and make your tech solutions WORK.
  • DIRECT: no-nonsense communication. We will tell you like it is. Saves time and money.
  • BUSINESS FIRST: we understand business goals drive technology implementations. Not the other way around. Which means, at the end of the day, you can meet your revenue and profit goals.
  • ORGANIZED: we use the latest project management methodologies to make sure projects are on time and under budget. No surprises. Ever.

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"Spitfire has been a very knowledgeable and responsive partner that has helped us better manage our Sitecore application and websites."

Cindy Knowlton
Managing Partner / Director of Institutional Marketing
Denver Investments